I specialize in creating realistic portraits from your own pictures to create a lifelong memory of your loved ones. Working in both graphite and colored pencil, I pride myself on my realism and attention to detail in each and every drawing. A drawn portrait is a very personal way of celebrating the spirit of your loved ones, capturing the emotion and individual personality to the best of my ability.

“Drawing is the honesty of the art – There is no possibility of cheating – It is either good or bad”   (Salvador Dali)



Joey Cox was born and raised in Pacific Grove, California where his passion for art was spawned as a child.  He attended the Monterey Peninsula College and Cal State University Chico, where he eventually earned a business degree.  Joey has always had a passion for art and an appreciation for other artist’s work, but even more gratifying for him is creating something others value and appreciate, having created a personal connection for life.  That is how his niche for drawing endeared pets and loved ones was developed over the years.  While Joey enjoys drawing most everything, his sincere satisfaction comes from the reactions of his clients; tears of happiness and nostalgic feelings are truly his reward for the painstaking hours he dedicates to each project.  And most everyone is in agreement, Joey’s creations are instantly recognizable as one of a kind.